PortrazzaTM (necitumumab)

Order educational resources for your prescribed treatment

As you begin—or continue—the treatment your doctor prescribed for you, you may want more information to keep at home. On this page you'll find a Patient Treatment Guide and a Lilly Self-Care Kit you can have shipped directly to you. Remember, your doctor and care team are the best sources for information about your treatment, so please be sure to discuss any questions you may have with your healthcare team.

Remember, the pieces below are not a substitute for the instructions provided by your doctor, or the information provided in the full Prescribing Information for Portrazza. Be sure to discuss any questions you may have about Portrazza in combination with gemcitabine and cisplatin with your doctor.


The Self-Care Kit includes:

A brochure with information and tips on caring for skin, hair, and nails during treatment, lotions, sunscreen, gentle bathing products, and a nail care kit.